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Risk Assessment

Risk assessments form the foundation for effectively managing health and safety in the workplace and are a legal requirement under Section 3 of the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations.

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What is a Risk Assessment

An effective risk assessment process is fundamental to reducing the likelihood of an accident occurring within the workplace but to comply with current legislation the assessments must be carried out by a “competent” trained person.

Risk assessment is a simple process and can be used to assess all risks in the workplace, utilising the operational skill base already in place, in order that you can decide what, if anything, you need to do to reduce that risk as far as reasonably practicable and be legally compliant.

Once risk assessments are carried out Cyan Safety can assist you in the development of robust safe systems of work which detail how the task is carried out by implementing the control measures detailed in the risk assessments.

Cyan Safety and either deliver training to nominated employees in order that they are competent to conduct (and review) risk assessments or our Chartered Safety Professionals can conduct them on your behalf.

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All our consultants are Chartered Members of IOSH with vast experience in all types of working environment from Offshore Oil Installations to small garages.



You can be confident that all our work exceeds the legislative requirement and have the guarantee our work will add value to your existing operations.



Cyan Safety are a local North West based company with vast local knowledge delivering our services the north west region.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why you need us?

For many companies managing health and safety is seen as just “red tape” and that health and safety officers are “jobs worth”.

Cyan Safety is here to dispel that myth and hopefully show companies that the management of safety is a simple process that is relatively inexpensive but with enormous rewards, adding value to every company by looking after their most expensive asset – their employees!

Does health and safety stop us doing our job ?

NO ! Health and safety does not stop you doing anything, the legal requirement is to assess the risk, implement control measures and reduce that risk as low as possible, then decide whether the residual risk is acceptable. We will never get rid of any risk 100%.

Does my insurance covers me for health and safety!

Many companies think that their insurance covers them should anything go wrong. Employers liability insurance covers organisations against civil claims from people who have been harmed by your activities.

In the event of a prosecution for breaches of health and safety law by the HSE then this will be a criminal prosecution and any fine will come off your bottom line. You may then also be sued through the civil court for damages and compensation.

I am only a small company do I need a safety manager?

This is a very popular question and the simple answer is NO you don’t. Section 7 of the Management Regulations states that employers must appoint competent persons to assist them in the managing health and safety and this can be internal of an external resource. Cyan Safety offers this facility on a retained basis (with no tie-in) for less than £2 a day. (LINK TO RETAINED SERVICES)

What are my main responsibilities under health and safety legislation?

You are responsible for the health and safety of everyone affected by your business – including employees, other people working in or visiting your premises (for example, customers, suppliers or delivery drivers), people affected outside your premises (for example, by emissions) and anyone affected by products or services which you design, produce or supply.

General Requirements include;

  • Having a written health and safety policy.
  • Carrying out a risk assessment.
  • Taking action to control any risks.
  • Reviewing your Policy and Risk Assessments
Do I need to keep written records?

If you employee more than 5 People then you are legally required to have the following written documents, which must also be required Annually;

  • Health and Safety Policy
  • General Arrangements – How you intend to manage health and safety.
  • Risk assessments
  • Safe Systems of Work
  • Fire Risk Assessment


In the event of the HSE investigating your company the documentation will be the first thing they require and the investigation with be formatted on this documentation.

We can assist your company in all aspects of managing health and safety and fulfilling your legal responsibilities.

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