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Safe Systems of work

Safe System of Work is a written document which results from the risk assessment and defines safe methods of carrying out the task to ensure all hazards are eliminated or risks minimised to an acceptable level.

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About Safe Systems of work

Many companies are under the impression that following a process of conducting risk assessments their job is complete and they are legally compliant. What a lot of companies miss is the most important part of the risk assessment process which is the development and documentation of the Safe Systems of Work (SSW).

A Safe System of Work is essentially a documented record of how the job will be carried out and what safety precautions need to be taken to reduce the risk of an accident or incident occurring.

Cyan Safety believes that robust SSW are the most important documents a company produces. in order for the SSW to be followed our process is to use the people who are doing the job (the expert) to help create the SSW, if an SSW is written correctly and details the job how the “expert” carries it out then there is no need to deviate from the written process.

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Our consultants are vastly experienced in developing robust Safe Systems of Work which are brief, concise, un-wordy and utilising symbols/signs where possible so as to be easily understood.



You can be assured that any documented Safe System of Work has been developed utilising expert local knowledge and experience from your work force and are not created in some “ivory tower” by someone who doesn’t know how the task is carried out.



Cyan Safety are a local North West based company with vast local knowledge delivering our services the north-west region.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Cyan Safety can help you?

Many companies spend countless hours on developing and producing good risk assessments yet fail to develop the most important part of that process which is to document how the job is to be carried out.

Below are some frequently asked questions relating to Safe System of Work but should you have any further queries please contact Cyan Safety and will be happy to assist.

Does a Safe System of Work ensure that the job is done safely ?

NO ! Health and safety does not stop you doing anything, the legal requirement is to assess the risk, implement control measures and reduce that risk as low as possible, then decide whether the residual risk is acceptable. We will never get rid of any risk 100%.

Do I legally have to produce a Safe System of Work?

Not specifically, but it a safe system of work is a natural fall-out from the risk assessments and much easier to manage and audit. You are legally bound to communicate the results of the risk assessment and tis is achieved by the SSW rather than giving someone the risk assessment showing what safety measures to take. As our belief states “safety is simple” we do not intend to produce masses of paperwork a SSW will be a one page document that can be posted in the work place and referred to as necessary.

How do I know what the SSW should look like?

There is no right or wrong way as long as the relevant information is detailed on the SSW and it can be understood by the workforce. Cyan Safety has a number of different ways of presenting your SSW which can be bespoke to your companies’ requirements.

When should I review my safe systems of work?

Safe Systems of Work (and Risk Assessments) should be reviewed periodically, there are no specific timescales and review dates will depend on the level of risk.

But Safe Systems of Work (and risk assessments) should ALWAYS be reviewed following any changes in the equipment of the environment and following any accident of near-miss form the activity. Reviews should again be carried out by a competent person.

How can I ensure my employees are working to the SSW?

The real answer to this is question is that you can’t unless you watch them 24/7.

What you can do is to

  • Ensure that the workers are involved in the process of the development of the SSW.
  • Ensure that each employee has been adequately trained in the SSW.
  • They have sighed to say they will work to this method and use all safety measures.
  • Regular audits and monitoring are carried out using employees as well to carry out the audits.
  • Record your actions and any recommendations for improvement.

We can assist your company in all aspects of managing health and safety and fulfilling your legal responsibilities.

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